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  Freightwatch has been handling the International freight requirements of companies large and small since its formation in 1993.


Excellent customer service and value
is provided through a unique approach to freight management based on a completely transparent operations, with no hidden costs.

Services are delivered through a dedicated team of experienced freight specialists.

An IT driven Freight Management System, developed in house facilitiates cost effective operations, and provides customers with the information they need to continuously improve order delivery performance.

About Freightwatch globe


Warehousing and pick and pack services are available to Freightwatch through warehouse complexes in several UK locations

European Road Services, including road haulage, road trains, double-decker trailers and temperature controlled trailers

A world-wide network of agents and carriers provide Freightwatch with reliable resources to meet every circumstance that might arise in moving goods around the world.

A passion for viewing the world the way customers do means that Freightwatch will continue to innovate and adapt to meet the ever changing needs of customers and their market place.

Talk to the MD of Freightwatch in total confidence about any issues you have with your freight operations

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Current customers working in partnership with Freightwatch include:
Sony, ICI, Boehringer, Ungerer, Henkel, Bondmaster


Freightwatch Ltd., Interoute House, Rycote Lane, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 2JB
T: +44 (0)1844 263400  F: +44(0)1844 263401  E: ops@freightwatch.co.uk
Freightwatch Benelux T: +31 (0)40 22 30 745 F: +31 (0)40 22 30 746 E: sales@freightwatch.nl