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Management information that goes beyond freight


Ask us any question you like about your order delivery performance and we can give you an answer - and quickly.

You can collect our information and integrate into yours or we can collect yours and integrate into ours. Use this service for real management information that impacts on all areas of your business.

Unlike traditional reporting systems, you are not limited to any one view and you do not have to prescribe views in advance.


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Freightwatch Ltd., Interoute House, Rycote Lane, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 2JB
T: +44 (0)1844 263400  F: +44(0)1844 263401  E: ops@freightwatch.co.uk
Freightwatch Benelux T: +31 (0)40 22 30 745 F: +31 (0)40 22 30 746 E: sales@freightwatch.nl